Bizee Branding Busines across Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk
  • Website design & development
  • Bespoke hosting solutions
  • Graphic and logo design
  • Product, event and team photography
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Developing social media strategies
  • Developing and implimenting online advertising campaigns
  • Development and implimentation of focused content strategies

“Brand is the sum total of how someone perceives a particular organisation. Branding is about shaping that perception.”
Ashley Friedlein

Are you ready to get Bizee building your brand?

At Bizee Branding, we help business develop and impliment a long-term strategic plan that creates a BUZZ for your brand.

Providing a comprehensive and professional service to clients across Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Working with YOU and for YOU to develop a package of targeted and objective focused services designed enable your brand, products and services to organically position higher in the Google Rankings.

Empowering your online presense to attract those vital new customers.

Long-term strategy vs Short-term gain

For any business to succeed in today’s online market place it’s not as simple as having a website and the sales roll in.

If you’re looking for a company to design your website for £100 in a couple of hours, develop your brand image overnight for a few £’s, setup a £200 ad campaign or get you to the top of Google Search in a week….

We have some bad news for you, Bizee Branding is NOT the partner for you.

At Bizee Branding we understand the need to develop a long-term strategic plan that empowers your website/brand to build organically through Google Search. We work within the Google Webmaster Guidelines and our best practice framework to develop a programme of targeted development based on KPI’s.

Our services are designed to build the customer base your business needs to develop a sustainable long-term growth in sales that inspires brand loyalty.

Developing a partnership between Bizee and you

We believe in getting to know your business, your products and services and your team. By working in this way we form a bond an afinity and partnership with your brand.

We want to understand you values and business strategy. We become an extension of your marketing team and focus our attention on helping your business succeed.

If your business is a success, so is ours.