When is the right time to do a rebrand?

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Questions to ask before doing a rebranding exercise:

Anyone who has done a rebrand knows it is usually an intensive process in terms of time, effort and resource. You need to be really clear and deliberate about the why and the how of going about your rebrand. Once you’ve made up your mind that a rebrand is on the cards, you have to determine the scale and scope of the project you’re about to undertake.

No matter the size of your business, you probably spend a good deal of time thinking about how you’re presenting it to the public. In fact, you may have even considered a rebranding campaign or perhaps you’re looking for outside help to reinvent your corporate image. Whilst keeping your branding current is vital, you should always ask yourself the following questions before investing lots of time and money in a complete branding overhaul.

Are you embarrassed to hand our your business card or direct people to your website?

Too many clients don’t feel good about their business marketing materials which affect their ability to put forward the right first impression. Whilst the team at EMARI have received criticism for not having created a website straight away, Emma-Louise (CEO) was keen to ensure that the brand visuals and messaging were on point before delving into website creation. The website is now a basic reflection of EMARI – Simple, understated and full of useful resources. These resources are based on years of experience working with a myriad of different clients in different industries, and it will grow and evolve over time.

Do your logo and website differentiate you from your competition?

We live in a world of attention economics where a wealth of information drives a poverty of attention thus if your business looks like everyone else’s, your ability to stand out is made all the more difficult. In the first meeting with EMARI, prospective clients are inducted into the EMARI code. The logo becomes more than just a logo, it becomes a reminder of the company’s philosophy and creates a visual understanding between consultant and client.

Is there a lack of consistency in your marketing materials? 

Confusing messaging and a lack of consistency across marketing materials is the quickest and easiest way to turn off prospective clients. Whether you began with a cohesive vision and message or not, it’s worth reviewing your content as a whole and seeing if your business materials need to be brought back together under a rebrand project.

Has your business model or strategy changed?

If you’re targeting or trying to connect with new types of customers, you may need to rebrand to represent your new focus and reach your target market.

Do you want to raise your prices?

People’s perceptions of value can pigeon-hole a business making it difficult to raise prices or offer higher priced packages. Brand visuals have a huge impact on people’s perception of a business. If you want people to pay premium prices, you have to look like a premium brand worth paying for.

Is it really necessary? 

Too many marketing managers and business owners get so excited about new logos or messaging, they don’t realise that a new brand might not always be the right answer. Sometimes people launch a rebranding campaign because they simply feel like they should be doing some sort of activity. First check in with your current client base. Are they reacting well to the existing brand? Do they have any recommendations? Does it feel like the right time to change or is it change for change’s sake?

Can you build a story around it?

 With the advent of social media and the power of the internet, it is easier than ever to build a story around a new brand. If you decide to rebrand your business to achieve a better degree of success, the logo design and colour palette are only the beginning. A series of blog posts, videos and other relevant content that aligns your business with the new look, feel and message that your new brand conveys is just as important. Consistency in communication is key.

Does your business name reflect who you are? 

Every business needs to have a clear understanding of their mission, vision and values and your name should help to represent you from the very start. EMARI is an acronym for Epic Marketing And Revenue Increase which is what we provide to our clients. We love working with start-ups who have grown exponentially because their rebrand is often born out of our success. If you feel like you’re beginning to outgrow your branding because it seems outdated or amateurish, it’s probably a good time to rebrand.

Will it make you money?

All too often, professional marketers engage in sophisticated campaigns of “realignment,” “reinvention,” and “rebranding” but they forget what marketing is really supposed to do ~ generate revenue. If any part of your marketing, including your branding efforts, doesn’t have revenue growth at its core, rethink it immediately. Businesses often undertake a rebranding effort because they want to get more customers. Often it is easier to engage and nurture the customers that you already have to become better brand ambassadors and generate word of mouth referrals. Whenever you consider rebranding, ensure you do not forget or alienate the customers that you already have.

Do you want a light-touch brand refresh or brand overhaul?

Once you’ve decided to go for a rebrand, you have to consider which level of rebrand makes sense for you. Is this just a refresh or is this an opportunity to bring a cohesive and consistent vision to all of your external communications?

A brand refresh is a light-touch targeted effort to move your brand into the present day. If specific elements such as logo or product packaging look dated, a logo refresh may be all you need. There may have been developments such as new products or service packages that also require a light-touch brand refresh to bring everything back into line.

A full rebrand is a wide-reaching, high-effort brand overhaul. If a critical part of the business has changed it might make sense to reconsider the entire brand strategy and execution. Being clear about the scope of the rebrand upfront is essential to efficient planning, budgeting, and resource allocation.

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