Who are Bizee Branding?

Bizee Branding Busines across Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk

The birth of a brand

Bizee Branding was officially born in 2020. However in reality it comes from an accumulation of 25 years experience, learning and development. Shaun Thomas is the driving force behind Bizee Branding.

Shaun developed his career within the Recruitment, Employability and Skills, Training and Development and Careers sectors.

A little history

Dating back to 1996 when Shaun first entered the Employability and Skills sector after a career in product field sales. In 2007 he left the Private Sector and embarked on developing his first business. That business TheCVWriter.co.uk still exists today.

Now that The CV Writer has changed it’s direction to a provider of a more product based business than the hands on writing of CV’s Shaun has turned his attention to helping a different sector.

The SME’s and start-up businesses of Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk. And brings together all of the skills he developed whilst building The CV Writer to help SME’s build successful businesses and brands in the online environment.

Shaun’s Career by the numbers

sector experience:

25 yrs careers, recruitment, employability and skills, training and development
15 yrs website design
10 yrs seo experience
10 yrs business and personal branding


2000+ people trained
1000+ professional CV’s written
30+ training programmes written
30+ websites designed

In 2020 the world changed for lots of SME’s with the arrival of Covid-19. With it bought dramatic changes across all sectors of the economy.

Instead of just giving up Shaun embarked on a path of re-thinking and reappraising the market place.

The CV Writer moved away from writing CV’s and provision of Careers Advice due to shifts in the way the recruitment and careers sectors operate.

Employers no longer place the value they once did on potential employees having their CV’s professionally written, and now want to see their potential new recruits CV’s written by themselves.

Shaun used his knowledge of the feild to develop a series of Advice Guides to teach people how to write a CV for themselves. It’s those guides that are now sold through The CV Writer website.

As part of developing The CV Writer Shaun learned all the skills needed to develop an online business and develop it from a £250 start-up budget to a successful business that provided professional Careers and CV services to in excess of 1000 clients. (detailed above)

It’s that expertise, knowledge and skills base that Bizee Branding now draws upon to deliver those same high standards Shaun applied to the development of his first business to drive forward Bizee Branding.

Shaun’s vision for Bizee Branding is to develop a partnership based approach to working with businesses.

Getting to know what makes your business tick, understanding your products and services and people.

By understanding your business Bizee Branding can develop a long-term strategy to drive forward your online brand image.

Develping a long-term plan covering the key areas of an online brand:

  • your website
  • ensuring you hosting platform is equiped for future growth without continually having to switch providers
  • your online branding (logo’s, imagery, graphical content etc)
  • eCommerce development and implimentation
  • Social Media mobilisation and brand building
  • content optimisation
  • targeted search engine optimisation (to drive organic growth through Google Search)
  • targeted Google and Social Media ad campaigns

By developing all of these key elements in unison your objective of building a sustainable and profitable online business growth stratergy can be met.

your online presence will build naturally into a trusted and respected goto online brand.

If you’re ready to drive your business forward in the online arena with a company who is as passionate about your success as we are about our own contact Bizee Branding today and let’s develop a partnership and KPI based strategic plan for the success and growth of your business.

If your business is a success then so is ours.